Weekly Meetings

After an eventful week in Strasbourg, Amelia is back in Brussels for a week of committee meetings. This is her schedule:


12:30-13 Meeting with NGO Human Rights Without Frontiers Int'l

18:30-20:30 Huawei Summer Cocktail


14-14:30 Meeting of the shadow rapporteurs in the ITRE committee on the Data Protection Regulation


10-12 Working session of the Kangaroo Group's forum on intellectual property, counterfeit, contraband & organised crime

11-11:30 INTA committee meeting

11-13 European Parliament Free Software User Group presentation, sharing the source code for the European Parliament's Automatic tool for Amendments (AT4AM)

14-15 Meeting of the shadow rapporteurs on the Data Protection Directive

15-16 INTA committee meeting

16:30-17 Meeting with representative of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU's Digital Economy Committee on Data Protection


10-11 ITRE committee meeting and vote

15-18:30 ITRE meeting on telecoms issues


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