Weekly meetings

The EP’s committees are starting to meet in Brussels this week, after the summer break. Amelia will participate at the INTA and ITRE meetings, and this is the schedule for the week:


10-11 Staff meeting. The schedule of the week is going to be discussed and tasks will be assigned according to each staff duties and competences.

15-18 INTA meeting. A opinion on trade relations with Kazakhstan is on the agenda, and Amelia is going to propose and amendment signaling issues to  overcome before making a trade agreement.

16.30-18 - Green group meeting

9-12 ITRE meeting.  On the subject of Completing the Digital Single Market, Amelia proposed an amendment that will be discussed during this meeting.
14-15 Pirate delegation meeting

10-10:30 EPFSUG Carrot cake at Karsmakers


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