Weekley meetings

Back in Bruxells for the week of 17-21 September, a week dedicated to meetings in the Committees that Amelia is member of,  respectively INTA and ITRE.  In INTA, Amelia will present and support her opinion on the report on Digital Freedom Strategy in Foreign Policy, a issue that took a lot of work and effort during the last weeks. Also, as a full member of  ITRE,  she will participate in the discussions and votes of that committee. Some of that hard work is now reaching completion and  Amelia will have a busy week in Bruxelles:


10-11 Office meeting

15-18.30 INTA meeting

15-17.30 ITRE meeting


9-11.30 INTA meeting

9.30-12.30  ITRE meeting

10-11 INTA vote

12.30 - 14.30 Conference on investor protection

15-18.30 INTA meeting

15-18.30 ITRE meeting


9-12 Proposed timeframe for conference on PSI directive

14-15 INTA Monitoring Group for Russia


12.30-14.30 INTA Monitoring Group for South Caucasus



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