Weekley Meetings

In the the week of 1st-5th October, Amelia is in her Bruxelles office preparing for her positions in the files she is currently involved. It is a busy week with many meetings,  and special attention is dedicated to the issues of digital Europe,  monitoring of the Internet and the current economic crisis.



9-16.00 Delegated and implemented acts training course

15-18.30 EPP Group hearing on collective rights management in the digital era



9-10 Meeting on Digital Europe issues

14-15.30 INTA Monitoring Group on Moldova

10-17.30 Green group meeting on crisis and Treaty change

20-22.00 Meeting on Cyber-protection of critical infrastructure



9.30-10 Meeting with Mr Gerard De Graaf, Director of the "Electronic and Communications Networks Services" Directorate at DG Connect

10-10.30 Meeting with representatives for Opower

11-16.00 Policy Meeting on Monitoring the Internet: the Challenges of Cyber-Surveillance, Data Protection and Privacy in the EU
16-17.00 INTA technical briefing by DG Trade on Intellectual property rights on genetic resources


8-8.30 ALDE social media intern meeting

10-11.00 Meeting on Political Elites in Europe

14-15.00 Meeting with Eva Walder, Sveriges EU-representation

17-18.00 Community Spectrum Summit speech


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I hate to be a pedant but it's "weekly" not "weekley".

Best wishes from a friendly native English speaker :-)

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