A new guy in the team!

Hello everyone,

My name is Felipe and I have recently joined Ms Amelia’s team as intern. I was born in León (Spain) and lived most of my time in A Coruña, a town in the Spanish region of Galicia. There I have studied a five-years BA on Business Management. During that time I have also passed a year in the beautiful Italian town of Perugia, taking part in the Erasmus programme. Keeping on track with European programmes, later I have gone on European Voluntary Service to Ajaccio (France), working as trainer for a Eurodesk office. Finally, last year I have made an MA on International Relations and European Studies in the Institute for Social and European Studies, in Koszeg (Hungary). After all these escapades, I have been lucky enough to be selected to be part of the tripulation of Ms Amelia’s amazing pirate boat.

I am a passionate activist, and have volunteered in civil society organizations since my early years in high school. One of my biggest passions is collaborating in the students’ association AEGEE-European Students’ Forum, where I have been project manager of the ‘YOUrope Needs YOU!’ project and currently I am Policy Officer on Youth Participation. During my time in the University of A Coruña, I have also been students’ representative in the University Council and the University Senate, as well as the Board of the School of Economics.

Now that I will start this new adventure, I will share with you my happenings in Brussels and the European Parliament. I hope that you will find them interesting!




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Bienvenido Felipe!

Desde PIRATA España te damos la bienvenida a la flota Pirata.

un saludo

Francisco George
Vocal de la Junta Directiva Nacional de PIRATA España
Press officer

:) Welcome, Felipe

Habiendo vivido casi toda tu vida por Galicia, te recuerdo que hay piratas por allí: piratasdegalicia.org, y como sabrás en nada hay elecciones. Quizá puedas echarles una mano.

Salut i rom!


¡Muchas gracias por la bienvenida a ambos! :)

Si me pasas un e-mail de contacto no tendría ningún problema en ayudarles en lo posible desde el exilio.


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