IPRED Consultation now in Italian!

With help from the Italian Pirate Party, now the IPRED Consultation model response sheet is available in Italian. You can find it in Italian on this Google Doc-page, or as a .pdf here on this site.

You can find the survey here: http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/consultations/2012/intellectual-property-rights_en.htm

To participate in the survey, you must request a consultation link to be sent to you by email. This is done by providing your email to the Commission, they will then manually send the link to the survey to you. This means that you only can get a participation link during normal office hours. Also ensure that you check your spam inbox - the manually transmitted consultation links may well end up there!

The deadline for answering is March 30th, so there is no reason to delay in requesting your survey link.

If you speak a language different than Italian, you can also find more model response guides in this post here on the site (Swedish, English, Spanish, German, Polish).


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