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Why do we need the European Pirate Party

There are many political formations in the European Parliament, similar to those that we can see in numerous national houses of deputees. We have the European People's Party – major right wing player, the Social Democrats – major alliance of many European socialist parties. We have the liberals,the greens and many more. But where are the Pirates?

The Pirates are a member of the Greens/European Free Alliance. There is no European Pirate Party right now. So.. shouldn't we found it? Or … perhaps better … do we need it? Do we want it? Absolutely!

As I've posted before, there were numerous general elections in many European countries last year. (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg...) In all these respective countries the Pirate movement was present and in all of them the Pirate candidates were showed to the general public.

Just a short example - the visual stuff: In France, Pirate Party uses purple/green as their colors. In Belgium its purple, in Germany orange, in Sweden its purple with black and in the Czech Republic even four colors are used. In all of these countries right before the elections a huge discussion about the visual identity and the design of the campaign materials was present. In all of the countries everyone worked on preparations of these materials.

Many international projects – like non-governmental organizations – already have their global body that can be used as a platform for sharing ideas, exchanging knowledge or helping those in need (like in March 2013 when Pirates from around Europe helped their colleagues in Croatia with the campaign). But for the Pirate movement we do miss such an organization on European level.

That's pretty much it. Creating an institution that can be contributive in this very manner. That can provide a necessary expertise and work pretty much as an advisory tool. The members of parties in particular countries can then be much more focused on their actual work – such as improving their program, adding more topics, or simply using the valuable time for more promotion activities. After all the most discussed issue in pretty much any Pirate party before the elections is not the program – but the manpower available. Then the issue of volunteer management and volunteer mobilization is discussed the most.

So, yes – that is what the Pirate Party of Europe can provide to all of us. And even more.

All over the continent we can see the respective Pirate parties to sign the statues. Another thing that can be done is also the ratification of the Common European elections program CEEP). The program pretty much merges the current agenda of various Pirate parties all over Europe and presents an unique and unified plan how to do Pirate politics in the European institutions. This program is also one of the benefits that the common organization can provide - and pretty much another example of what I explained above when it comes to visual identity.

Which countries already initiated the process when it comes to joining the PPEU? We can clearly see that the ratification process of the Statue of the Pirate Party of Europe was already successfully finished in France, Germany, Belgium, Catalonia, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. And many other countries will join soon. Young Pirates of Europe and the Pirate Party International will join too.

In order to make all of our dreams true, we decided to organize a conference that will take place this March where the PP EU will be officially founded. So – do not hesitate and join us in European Internet governance and beyond – on 21st and 22nd March this year in Brussels!


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